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Around half of February spring starts according to the Chinese calendar. Energetically spring is on its highest point on March 21st. The snowdrops are pushing their heads through the earth and are announcing spring! You can feel the new energy!. The element that according to Chinese philosophy belongs to this season is wood. This is the element of new beginnings. A fresh powerful energy of awakening, birth, development and growth.



A healthy wood element is flexible and bendable. A positive property that belongs to wood is patience. If wood is strong, we are patient with our selves and others. We are flexible, tolerant and generous. If wood is healthy we are able to relax even in difficult situations and keep a clear view on things even if things get rough. We are able to move with the wind getting uprooted.


According to Chinese medicine the organ systems belonging to the wood element are liver and gallbladder. The liver energy is considered to be responsible for the free flow of live energy (Qi) through your body. It is also called the general of the kingdom that is the human body. The liver energy is brave and smart, responsible for the defence and protection and for determining the strategy to keep your body mind safe to develop optimally.


In our western society liver energy is under high pressure because of the many influences we are exposed to. The many things we have to react or anticipate on. This can lead to an accumulation of tension and therefore to a obstruction of the free flow of Qi, which in turn reduces our flexibility both physically and mentally.


In spring wood energy and the energy of the liver is at it’s most powerful. This time of rebirth after the still period of winter lets new cycles of grow start. It therefore is the time of revitalisation, new ideas and new energy.  But if the energy systems of the wood element are out of balance, physical and mental complains can show more severely.  Therefore it is now important to pay attention to this energy, to make sure the intrinsic need of growth and start of new things can develop themselves.


So be patient with yourself, take care of yourself, stop for a moment with the running around and chasing whatever it is you are chasing to pay attention to your body mind.

How do you actually feel?

Do something that gives you energy! Something that makes you feel free and strengthens your spirit.