Shizuto Masunaga


The teacher of my master Kasunori Sasaki is the founder of Iokai Shiatsu in the 1970s. In his book Zen Shiatsu he states that


Shiatsu is the best method to stay healthy, because it not only treats disease but also prevents it.


On his dying day he stated he not only wanted to treat bodies, but he wanted to treat souls.

That is why this method is so extremely precious to me. It recognises that the two belong together and can not be separated. You are always body & mind. Shiatsu helps to keep them in balance.



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Shizuto Masunaga (1925–1981)

Born in Kure, Hiroshima and graduated in psychology in Kyoto University and from the Japan Shiatsu College. He was professor in psychology at Tokyo University and founder of Zen Shiatsu en the Iokai Shiatsu Center school in Tokyo.

Masunaga grew up in a family of Shiatsu practitioners.