Shiatsu does make happy!


The disadvantage of complementary health care like Shiatsu is that scientific proof about the effectiveness is hard to gather, for one because it is real hard to find a placebo for something like Shiatsu.

A couple of important things though are already proven. Like stress relieve, release of fear and the extra production of the hormone oxytocin in both the receiver and the practitioner.

Aha! So that is why this job makes me so happy!


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There is movement in the health care world, in that sense that there is more and more cooperation between regular and complementary health care. With Integrative medicine one is trying to combine the best of both worlds. The best of the greek approach of analyses in the regular health care, that takes everything apart in components, and the eastern approach that is much more about the relations between the parts.

The knowledge that each physical aspect has its mental counterpart and the other way around is a notion that finds more and more resonance with the (better) regular health care givers. And that is not surprising if you know that for example stress makes you produce hormones that have a negative effect on your immune system.


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