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Eloise Sewel

You have really good hands!

*docent Iokai Shiatsu



Johanna awakened a rainbow in me!





Johanna is very good and goes all the way, not only treating acute complains but also looking at deeper problems and chronic diseases.





What you do has such a deep effect on the entire body-mind, it feels like having meditated for an entire day.



Johanna really takes time for you and radiates an enormous calmness. Her hands bring you back in your body and work very relaxing.

A very pleasant and relaxing treatment, felt great. Pleasant atmosphere and professional approach. Johanna is very friendly and knows what she is doing.

I had a professional, light, and effective treatment in which Johanna made real contact. I will surely return for more!

I have been sleeping badly for years, but after the treatment of Johanna I slept like a baby! Thank you!

In the course of one hour, Johanna got the stress out of my body and calmness into my head. Very pleasant!