Shiatsu strengthens, vitalises and relaxes!


Shiatsu is a Japanese manual therapy, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The basic idea is that any physical or mental malfunctioning or unease is caused by stagnation, or lack of balance in the energy flow of your body. Shiatsu releases stagnation and rebalances the vital energy or Qi in the body by concentrated touch by thumb, hand palm, elbow or knee.

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The Shiatsu treatment by Joqi has a  holistic approach. It is aimed at the total person and not just focused on one specific complaint. With this holistic approach Shiatsu can stimulate deep, calm sleep, helps with a better emotional balance, strengthens the immune system, works very well on physical complains like muscle and joint problems, back pains, headaches, migraines, menstruation related problems and PMS, obstipation et cetera.

On complains with an emotional character like burn out, depression, restlessness and stress, Shiatsu has a calming and balancing effect.

Because of the calming and  balancing effect, Shiatsu can also be very helpful with complains of Emotional imbalances, Fear and Fear disorders.


But you do not need to be sick to be able to undergo the beneficial effect of Shiatsu, since it also works very well as a preventive treatment and will help you stay healthy.


The treatment that Joqi practices is compassionate and characterised by great concentration. It has a deep effect on body and mind and therefore forms the perfect recipe for regeneration of our often fast and full daily life.


The treatment is given on the dressed body and therefore is very discrete. The receiver wares comfortable clothing and lays on a futon on the floor. The therapist treats through slow and continuous pressure on the meridians, the energy trajectories of the body or through mobilisations and streches. Hereby we stimulate the flow of energy and balance body and mind to activate the self healing powers of your body.

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