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Where we open the shutters in summer, go outside into the world, laugh with each other, run, fly and go on adventures, now it is time to close the shutters.


Time to retreat and reflect. Digest all that is experienced, give things their place and transform them into new energy. A more introvert period to generate new potential for new experiences and adventures.



In eastern philosophy winter belongs to the element of water. The Great Yin. Its special power is tranquillity, reflection and cleansing. Waters is the essential basis for all of our physical substance and source of life.


In nature the energy pulls in in winter. Trees drop their leaves to protect themselves and collect new energy for the next spring, for new life. Plants produce their seeds for the new season now. Therefore winter is all about potential. A lot of animals hibernate, de rest limits their activity to the minimum. Winter is the time of closure and storage.


Even though in our man made society we sometimes forget that we in fact are part of nature  we are basically animals ourselves. We therefore too should take this time of winter to close, store and bundle our energy to create new potential.

If we succeed in doing this now, we will be able to welcome a new healthy year in which we can use all this collected potential and open the shutters again. Happy Cocooning!